Me. Me. Me.

This site is all guessed it...ME! Haha. The "Me. Me. Me." part - that's an inside joke. 

I’ve attempted to capture part of my life here. Some work that I’ve done, projects that I’m involved with, you know…things I like to do.  

  I’m Nabeel. A lot of people and experiences have led to where I am today and everything that I am passionate about. I’m a “Video Guru” and “Prince of Podcasts” who loves to teach others. I didn't come up those titles myself...that would be ridiculous. These were bestowed upon me by my fellow Communication Directors (s/o to my National Association of Realtors CommDirs all across the nation). 

I enjoy teaching others, and over the years I think that I've become a valuable resource to the Communications Directors community when it comes to video, motion graphics & podcasting.

I like to spend my free time working on passion projects, creating masterpieces in the kitchen, breaking it down on the dance floor, and getting together with friends to play board games.

More about my experience and what I do below.

Video + Motion Graphics
I don’t need to tell you how impactful a good video can be. Things like animated logos and motion graphics help bolster your brand and make your videos more engaging. Remember to customize video assets to your brand.
Don't just stop at uploading audio to the airwaves. Your podcast is an extension of your brand – setting it up correctly, curating the right content, and a sprinkle of marketing will ensure it's success.
There are no tricks or secrets to anything that I do (#YouTube). There are however, lots of tips and best practices that I have discovered and I enjoy sharing those with people looking to improve.

If you came this far, you're probably thinking...

Let's Work Together

Here are just a few things that I get asked to help with. If there is something in particular you have in mind - let's talk and make it happen!
  • Bringing your brand (and videos) to life with an animated logo & motion graphics
  • Helping start & grow your podcast
  • Teaching sessions & workshops at events or conferences

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