When you come over, there will be food!  :)

Maybe some grapes roasted w/ rosemary, on top of a roasted garlic cream cheese. Served on a baguette toasted with garlic oil (a delicious by-product of roasting/poaching garlic by the way). Finished with a balsamic drizzle.

How about a board game? Marco Polo? A game where the dice are your "workers" you assign to different areas to take the corresponding actions. A dynamic game where things are changing turn-to-turn. Plus, there is a lot of dice rolling! 

Aside from food and games, other things that I enjoy spending my time on are:  
I co-host and produce two weekly podcasts (over 250 episodes and counting). 
We started one at work in 2018 - s/o to Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® (OAR). Before we began, I never thought I could podcast. Didn’t know a thing about it. Geoff and I learned a lot of things very quickly to produce a successful pod. A year later I started OKC Foodcast. A podcast where my friends and I talk to the people behind the scenes of Oklahoma City’s food scene. 
  At OAR I do a lot of the creative: 
  • Motion Graphics (like logo animations, video intros and outros, informational graphics) 
  • Shooting/Editing Video
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media
    + All other duties as assigned
I work with clients on a variety of projects ranging from branding and marketing to consulting on their podcasts to teaching video workshops .
We curate tours centered around food in different areas of Oklahoma. 
I believe in giving back and volunteering with your time and knowledge. 
  1. It’s a good cause (hopefully, haha). 
  2. You have to be the one to make the change. 
  3. It gives you fascinating insight into why you do what you do. 
  4. It allows you to grow.

The Joke

My wife and I constantly joke about wanting things our way. 

Did you want me to explain an inside joke? Then it wouldn't be an inside joke, would it? Hehe.  :)